“Friendship is not a reward for our discrimination and good taste in finding one another. It is the instrument by which God reveals in each of us the beauty of all the others. (C.S. Lewis)” What a poignant statement on my calendar to start today as all the demonstrations cool, cleanup is under way and as I tackle a sermon. Sunday is Trinity Sunday. The God we Christians understand and worship is triune, “three distinct Persons in one divine Being, or Essence” according to Luther’s Small Catechism. What does this mean? We are created in the image of a triune God, each one of us distinct and yet part of a whole we call the “human” race. As we look into the eyes and face of another, we learn something about the God who created that person, gifted that person, and allowed that person to come into our lives. When we think of the Trinity, we do not think of hierarchy or value, one being more important or impressive. The Godhead works together in unity, supporting and enriching each other. Perhaps one grief of these days is that we battle for visibility, for significance, for value. We want to be seen as essential in some way. We want to feel our lives matter and that we are contributing in some way to life. Isolation hurts. “Church” is our “safe place.” We are valued and “sheltered” under the wings of the Almighty, and there we meet with friends who are different from us, with different gifts and points of view about life, from different parts of town and socio-economic levels, all with a common purpose, to worship the God who made us all. I pray as we return to worship together in our sanctuary that we will see it not as a reward for our wonderfulness but a gift from a Triune God who draws all of us together to be the body of Christ. Let us rejoice in our differences. And let us rejoice in the technology that allows those who are not able to come, to be safe at home and connected. Blessings!

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