Priorities, Psalm 63

What story about my life would shed light on my priorities? I have been pondering that for biblical King David, “a man after God’s own heart.” He’s one of the greats in history. Yesterday my assigned reading was Psalm 63, a psalm, poem, David wrote in the Desert of Judah, not from the palace with servants and employees around, but in a desert before all his greatness and probably on the run from King Saul. I want to look at that today.

Following the desert motif, David’s soul “thirsts” for God and his body “longs” for him in this dry and weary place. We can identify with those barren times in our lives. What do I thirst for today?

David remembers the sanctuary and it’s glory and reflects that God’s love is better than life, like being satisfied with the richest of foods. When I think of love do I think of a partner, a broken relationship and potential future, or do I think of blessings undeserved? Love is a funny word that gets mixed up with Hollywood movies and passions but David connects it with worship. Wise advise and perspective.

Through the night, David’s thoughts return to God as he ponders his day. I wonder if he had nightmares and sleepless nights and turned to song to chase away the gloom of fear. I find if I cannot sleep that finding a song or prayer helps me in the night. I think the evil one would rather I sleep than pray and praise! Reflecting on God’s hand at work in my life throughout the day is one way to get perspective as well as journaling.

David is confident his enemies will be defeated and destroyed. I am not so confident but I am not a king or queen. I am confident that God cannot be defeated by the evil plans of people and I can say that even thought I did not understand the twists and turns of my life at the time, God has always been faithful and led me into a blessed future.

David’s first priority was God as seen by his reflections during a dry and weary time of his life, as seen by the desires and thirsts of his heart and the longings of his life, as seen by his memories of blessed times and his reflections at night on God’s leading. David is confident of God’s guidance and love and victory in the responsibilities of his life. May our hearts embrace similar thoughts today! Blessings.

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