Evening pondering

“God, our first priority” is our theme right now and the lens we bring to scripture reading, Proverbs 4. A father is admonishing his son that wisdom is the supreme acquisition for us to chase. It is related to understanding. Perhaps that means pondering the events of our lives. During some of my young adult years, our family lived in southern California. After dinner my father and I would take a cup of coffee onto the back porch and chat. He was a postal inspector and would share about his cases. I was a probation officer and would share about mine. We watched planes fly overhead and wondered where they were going. I never quite knew when a subject was settled as the next evening a new question or thought would be presented about our on going conversation. What I would give for one of those evenings now. The psalmist admonishes his son to avoid people bent on evil and wicked people determined to do evil.   “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.(v.23)” The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and so God as a priority is closely tied to seeking wisdom. Who do we open our hearts to and with whom do we ponder together? Are we teachable and can we sit still and listen today, filtering out all the noise and static? Sunday we talked about “an attitude of gratitude,” the ability to “sit” and savor the moment as Christ serves bread and fish (not steak and potatoes) and satisfies our needs. Pondering the giftedness of “now” and not jumping to what we don’t have, our wants, seems key to satisfaction, appreciation, and gaining wisdom – making God our first priority. How will I spend today? Focusing on tomorrow or appreciating what God has given me today? May you find someone to ponder with and realize your list of thanks is longer than your arm can reach. Blessings.

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