Day Five: Dates

Dates help us remember!  Do you remember where you were when JFK was shot?  OK, that dated me.  My physical therapist asked me, “Who’s he?  But my generation has many memories related to that question.  For others it is the turning of the millennium or 9-11.  We celebrate anniversaries on or near that special day.  Mark 14:1 suddenly shifts the account of the life of Jesus from non-specific times references like, “in the beginning (1:1)” or “as soon as (1:29)” to specific time, “It was now two days before the Passover (14:1).”  Mark has called us to attention and given us a context for the beginning of our Lenten journey this year, our journey to the cross with Jesus.

         “Before” Passover tells me preparations are being made for a holiday and life is busy.  Two days before Christmas or two days before the wedding bring strong memories of activity, of expectations, and of relationships.  As we start our Lenten journey, let us pause a moment and remember which spiritual discipline, activity, we want to do today – read Psalm 51, journal, make a phone call to a loved one or something else we decided.  There’s still time. 

         Next what are our expectations for Holy Week before Easter?  This year it will be different because of Covid but there are other ways we can make it special in our homes and for our families.  The chief priests and teachers of the law were looking for a way to eliminate Jesus quietly, without a mess.  Are there ways we can elevate Jesus quietly and respectfully?

         Relationships are associated with any memory, even if that significant other has passed.  Are there people we want to be sure not to forget this Lent?

         “Two days before” an event we are preparing our hearts, pondering our expectations, and valuing our relationships.  We remember we are dust, going to dust and two days before, like now, we ponder how we want to make that journey.  Blessings as you prepare and remember.

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