Day Six of Lent

“Two days before Passover…” in Mark 14:1 continues to speak to us today.  Not only are dates important as we talked about yesterday but location and events are important.  These few words tell us that Jesus is in Jerusalem, the capital of Jewish authority, the place where the Temple was built, and the historical home of King David.  Location is important.  Riots at the Capital are treated differently than riots in the streets of our cities.  One is seen as insurrection and treason and the other is seen as a demonstration that got out of control.  Location is important and Jesus has left his home area in the north of Israel and traveled south to Jerusalem.  He is at headquarters.

         The location has a purpose, Passover.  During Passover the Jewish people remembered their captivity in Egypt at the time of Moses and how they were finally freed when the spirit of death passed over, killing the first born unless the blood of a lamb was on the doorposts.  During Lent we too reflect on our journey to freedom from sin and all the evils we advocate against.  Yesterday we heard the news that over half a million Americans alone have died from the virus.  Death walks our streets too.  Lent calls us to remember we are dust and to whom we belong.

         So were does that leave us today?  It is “before” “Passover” in our calendar year also.  What authorities speak into our lives and to what extent do they control us?  Perhaps we have compromised to save face and need to freshen up our spiritual disciplines.  What locations are special to you?  It is most likely not Jerusalem but I ponder if there is a location where you meet with Jesus to discuss in prayer his authority in your life?  I like “my chair” but others like a walk in the woods and being out in nature or a drive to that special spot where you meet with the Lord.  Lent is a time when we remember that we are dust and death will pass over us.  Tomorrow we will continue walking this journey with Jesus, reflecting on its implications for our lives.  For now, though, let’s take a few minutes to meditate on the authorities in our lives and where we go to meet with them, to wrestle over the power of their voice in our life. Blessings.

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