Yesterday we looked at the gift of language.  Language allows us to communicate with others and with God but what do we want to tell others today?  At Pentecost a violent wind filled the room, a fire that divided into flames above each person’s head appeared, and people were enabled to speak in other languages to communicate with the audience that gathered.  Some bystanders thought the disciples drunk but it was only 9 a.m.  Possible but not probable.  Then an ordinary fisherman, Peter, stepped forward and shared his experience, the amazing events that had taken place in his life since he met Jesus.  He shared about the crucifixion and what it meant in the lives of the audience.  Many people’s hearts were touched and they asked, “Brothers, what shall we do?” (Acts 2:37)

         I ponder today how we use the gift of language.  It seems so easy these days to point out the errors of others – the person who cuts us off in traffic or is too slow to respond to a change in traffic light, or perhaps the words that ring out demanding our rights and lamenting the wrongs of our world, or perhaps just passing on the choice piece of gossip about someone.  Language has the power to bless and to curse. The Beatles sang, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.”  What does the world need to hear now, do you think? Peter shared that there was forgiveness for the evils done at that time.  What might we want to hear today if Peter were to speak to us?  What might we want to share about our experience with God if we had the opportunity?  Not everyone will believe us. But we have a story worth telling.

     Take a few minutes and ponder how you might summarize your experience with God in a sentence or two.  Is there someone who might need to hear your story?  Or, turn that statement of faith into a prayer of thanksgiving to God.  We can never be told  “thank you” enough, right!

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