“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. (Acts 2:42)”  “Devote” is a serious word.  It implies love, loyalty, faithfulness, and enthusiasm.  Those early believers were not immersed in a culture that called itself Christian, nor were they the majority.  They were a group of people whose lives had been transformed by the reality of Jesus in life and now resurrected.  In the face of opposition they were loyal and faithful to what they had experienced.  Teaching, fellowship, communion and prayer were core to their corporate experience.  That’s intense.

         I cannot help but think how life today has been so impacted by the pandemic and the attempts to get us to change our social behavior as it impacts others.  Today it is not a movement coming from ordinary people, fishermen like Peter, James and John but rather we listen to “officials” representing medicine and statistics.  Today we are isolating the sick and hearing testimonies about people who have died “too soon.”  Life has been stolen.  Then people fellowshipped together and shared testimonies of transformation, life enhanced.  Things seem so different and yet today and then culture was and is going through a transformation.

         So what am I devoted to?  For many, family would be high on their list.  Gangs expect loyalty.  Faithfulness is a word we might be as apt to apply in talking about our pet rather than a friend.  Devotion is a hard word when we are trying to maintain control of our lives.  Devotion implies submission to another and willingness to follow their leadership.  The early believers studied together, met together, ate together and prayed together.          Spend a few minutes now asking yourself who or what you are devoted to and how that is expressed in your life.  Perhaps you could challenge yourself to live out your devotion in a specific way today – read an extra piece of Scripture, show love to someone by doing something unexpected, or pray to renew your loyalty.  Devotion is not just a feeling in our heart but a way we live our lives, focus our minds, and spend our time.  The devotion of the disciples changed their world for the better and we would like to do the same!

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