“G” is for Grace

“For health and food and loving friends

For everything thy goodness sends

We thank thee Heavenly Father


That was our family grace before each meal in my biological family.  I carried it into my marriage family and even today say this grace.  I have heard almost the same grace said by people from a Norwegian or Swedish background and my family was English.  We will bow our heads today and give thanks. Hopefully. 

         It reminds me of the scene in the movie “Blindside” when the family grabs food to watch the football game as the kid from the other side of the tracks who lived with them sat at the table.  The family realizes the social awkwardness and joins him at the table and they bow their heads and give thanks.  We bow our heads to show humility, I think.  In Kenya, when a Maasai child met an adult, he would dip his head and the elder would put his hand on the child’s head and bless the child.  Nice!

         One of the blessing for me this year has been the discovery of a new singing artist.  New to me anyway.  His name is Don Moen.  He does praise music that comforts my soul when I feel bedraggled.  Let me share a song with you that is appropriate for Thanksgiving.

         This month, my husband and I have faced health challenges due to aging.  The next song has deeply blessed me.  I pray it blesses you this Thanksgiving.  Have a happy Thanksgiving! The grace of the Lord be on you!

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