“The Day After”

The day after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday.”

         When I hear the term “the day after”, I think back to young adult years when the phrase would be a way of talking about the hangover from drinking too much the night before.  Perhaps after all the food and fellowship of Thanksgiving, people feel a similar let down and headache!

         Another theory says that on Sept. 24, 1869 two men had bought up the gold market in the USA hoping to raise the price of gold and make a big profit but the scheme became known, the market crashed, people’s lives were ruined.  It sounds similar to the start of the Great Depression.

         A likely explanation tells of suburban people mobbing the streets of Philadelphia in the 1950s as they and tourists flooded into the city before the Army-Navy football game on Saturday.  Likewise along came shoplifters.  Besides police working long hours and plus the sudden flood of people brought a sudden flood of problems, a black Friday.

         One of the most common explanations is that as Black Friday approaches that sales begin in anticipation of Christmas and retail stores that operated in the “red” all year, would find their books begin to turn a profit which was recorded in “black.”

         In any case, many will be coming off the high of eating good food, experiencing good fellowship, and relaxing with family, friends, and possibly TV.  Many will go shopping.  Others will work to help the shoppers.  The verse that comes to mind to encourage us may be

Proverbs 17:22, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

As we head into the business of Advent and the coming of Christmas, my devotions have focused on

T for Turkeys,

H for Hands,

A for Attitudes of gratitude,

N for Neighbors,

King for Kings,

S for Sweet and savory,

G for Gravy,

I for Inspiration,

V for Voices,

I for Intentions,

N for Nuts, and

G for Grace – aspects of the holiday that make it special.

May we will be able to give thanks for that which lies ahead!  The coming of the Peace Child that walks through the hussle and bussle of preparation, of dealing with the nuts in our life, and the one who adds sweet and savory moments – makes our hearts cheery in the midst of that which could crush our spirits and who is with us so we can operate not in the red but in the black.  Blessings!

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