Mary visits Elizabeth

Luke 1:39-45

Louis Armstrong sings “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen”.  I suspect many of us can identify with that feeling of wondering where to turn when we are going through a deep experience.  We may not even have the words to express ourselves and we suspect that even if we did others would not understand even if we could find a way to share.  Mary is pregnant.  How? When? Where? By Whom?  How can she explain and where does she turn?  She visits her cousin Elizabeth whom the angel said was also pregnant in her old age.  Maybe Elizabeth would understand.  Having a friend we can share our troubles with is a huge blessing.  Being that friend is a huge privilege!

         Mary travels from Galilee in the north of Israel, to the hill country of Judea, near Jerusalem and the temple.  When Mary arrives the baby in Elizabeth’s womb leaps for joy and the Holy Spirit speaks through Elizabeth.  Wow.  Mary is affirmed physically, socially and spiritually.  The role of community in times of trials is huge.

         So as you travel through these next two weeks of Advent, where are you struggling and where do you need a friend to stand with you?  Perhaps you, like Elizabeth, are the person to affirm another who is struggling.  Speaking or hearing God’s words of affirmation and affirmation – or perhaps forgiveness – of faith are important.  Who can you affirm today through an email, a phone call or a shout-out.  Be a blessing to someone today.  And if you are carrying a load, let a trusted friend help you carry it.

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