“The Magnificat”

Luke 1: 46-55

Mary, miraculously pregnant, visits elder cousin Elizabeth, miraculously pregnant.  As Mary enters the house, Elizabeth’s baby in womb leaps for joy and the Holy Spirit fills Mary and the following “song” is called The Magnificat.  This song has been sung for well over a thousand years and is part of the Holden Evening Prayers for Advent. What does Mary sing?

“My soul glorifies the Lord,”

In the midst of her “complicated story” Mary magnifies or praises God because

  • God sees and cares about the humble and poor,
  • God’s mercy is multi-generational,
  • God scatters and defeats the proud, including proud rulers,
  • God feeds the hungry,
  •  And God keeps his promises through the ages.

Each one of these bullet points applies to our world today.  Mary did not sing these praises as an “entitled” person from a rich background but was a powerless woman from a small village.  Mary did not sing these praises as part of the ruling party in government as the Jews were governed by the Romans.  Mary lived in a world as chaotic world like ours.

         Read the bullets again.  Which one touches your heart today?  Take time to flesh out your “adult Christmas wish” for what one of these bullet points represents in our world.  Who might be humble and poor?  Who needs mercy?  Who rules from pride and power?  Who is hungry?  What promise would you like to see ripple through generations of your family?  Blessings as you pray.

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