Proverbs 4

Verse 18 says,

“The path of the righteous is like the morning sun,

shining ever brighter till the full light of day.”

I live at a retirement center in one of the oldest cottages but… the sunroom overlooks a lake just past the highway in front.  I wake in the morning and can tell by the color of the sky if I am close to 6 am and then I sit and watch the light start to glow over the horizon and trees around the lake.  I can see cars going to work.  If the weather is right, the horizon turns to shades of orange that gradually lightens as the sun rises.  If I am at the right time of the year, I see the sand cranes cross the street with their little fluff ball tots.  Sunrises are beautiful – over the ocean, over the desert, and over the lake.      Solomon reasons with his son, saying twice, “Listen, my son…” and once, “My son, pay attention…”  Solomon’s father, King David taught him and he has learned from experience that he now wants to pass to his son.  Listening to wisdom increases the length of our lives and protects us from stumbling.  And finally he urges his son to stay focused.  Don’t be distracted by evil.  Verse 23, “Above all else, guard your hearts, for everything you do flows from it.”

         Sunrises are experiences that grow and we must be patient and watch.  Wisdom is not the same as learning a piece of knowledge for it is a process to learn how to apply that knowledge in life for the benefit of all.  Sunrises bring illumination so we can see more clearly the traffic, the animals and all the things flowing past our lives.  Wisdom helps us not to stumble like people groping in the dark.

         So what are a couple adjectives you might use to describe a sunrise?  Do you have a favorite place you go to watch the sun rise?  Perhaps there is an issue eating away at you that you need the Lord to shine his light on it.  Spend time this morning and pray for enlightenment and watch the morning unfold and wait for his answer to unfold.  The sunrise may surprise you with beautiful colors and revealing clouds, birds and people you did not realize were right in front of you.  Blessings as you wait on Him!

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