“…full view…”

Proverbs 5

“for your ways are in full view of the Lord,

and he examines all your paths. (v.21)”

In Chapter 5 of Proverbs, Solomon does not mince words.  He tells his son to avoid the adulteress.  He cautions against sex for sale, sex without relationship, or a neighbor’s wife.  He feels all are dangerous liaisons.  American culture today is much “freer” with sexual mores than many places in the world so Chapter 5 would probably be hard for many to accept as wise advice.  So rather than argue about the specific advice, we might ask ourselves what sources of advice I am willing to entertain.  If everyone does something does that make it right?  January 6 stands as a stark reminder that just because a group of people agrees, does not make it right.  Drive by shootings reminds us that just because my heart thinks it’s right, does not make it right either.  What advice merits serious consideration?  I would agree with Solomon that we find Wisdom calling to us from God’s Word.  We live in full view of God.

         Amy Grant combined with Michael W. Smith to write the worship song “Thy Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet” based on Psalm 119:105 in 1984.  Her fans loved it.  Amy grew up as the youngest of four girls and at age 17 started writing and recording.  The family faith tradition was Church of Christ that did not believe in using musical instruments in worship.  Back in the ‘70s Christian music was not pop music but Amy was able to combine the two genres and win multiple awards.  For me and for many, the search for wisdom starts with the Word of God that is not only a light to our paths but also a light when life seems so dark.  I pray you listen and just enjoy.

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