A Vine of Grapes

Numbers 13, 14

Before we leave Moses, I would like to ponder one more story.  Moses was told by God to send some men to explore the land of Canaan that God was going to give to the Israelites.  Moses chose 12 men, one being Joshua who became the leader after Moses and another being Caleb.  These twelve men went forth to explore.  “When they reached the Valley of Eshkol, they cut off a branch bearing a single cluster of grapes. Two men carried the cluster on a pole between them.”  That was a huge cluster of grapes! A branch of a vine produces such a great blessing that it took two men to shoulder and carry.  Wow.  The blessing from the promises of God are that proportionally bigger than the bush that was not consumed, the staff that became a snake, that was held out over the Red Sea, that hit the rocks and that was the means of symbolizing God’s blessing as Moses obeyed.  Blessings are so much bigger than we can imagine! 

         God asks, “What’s that in your hand, Moses.”  What is in your hand, Reader?  It may only look like a tree or even part of a tree but when combined with the promises of God, it becomes a blessing that needs two people to carry.  12 spies returned with that cluster of grapes hanging from a vine but of those 10 could only focus on the size of the challenge they were going to face.  They became “grasshoppers” in their own eyes.  Two, Joshua and Caleb, focused on God’s blessing and begged the people to trust God.  The people grumbled yet one more time.  Consequently everyone over age 20 died in the wilderness and never saw the Promised Land.  The people wandered 40 years more.

     The life of Moses challenges me to consider if I focus on the trees and branches in my life to bring me blessings or if I focus on the seeming impossible situations facing me and then grumble rather than turning to God.  Lord, help me never to grumble about your ways and help me wait for the blessings.

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