“Jesus I am Resting, Resting”

This week we looked at various ways Moses used his staff to follow God’s orders.  He raised it over Egypt for the plagues.  He raised it over the Red Sea and it parted.  He raised it to bring water from rocks for the people in the desert.  The stick, a piece of a tree, was not magical.  It has become a symbol of Moses trusting God’s promises and instructions to him and moving forward.  I thought of this old hymn written by Jean Sophia Pigott in 1876 in Ireland.  It reminds me of the quiet times we spend in the morning, perhaps resting under a tree to contemplate our relationship with God, perhaps resting in our favorite arm-chair to pray, or perhaps like Moses, walking in a desert when we see a bush that does not become consumed.  We take a few moments to reflect on God and listen for his voice. We place our trust in God and find a deeper peace.  The story goes that Hudson Taylor during the Boxer Rebellion in China upon hearing of missionary stations being destroyed and missionaries being martyred, sat at his desk and sang this hymn over and over to comfort his soul.  I pray as you listen you will be comforted on your journey today.

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