Choice: To cling to dreams

         One of the charming moments in “It’s a Wonderful Life” is when George and Mary are walking home after Mary’s high school graduation party.  They pass the old run-down Granville house and George throws a rock at one of the windows and makes a wish.  He wants to travel the world and see new places.  Mary picks up a rock and throws, breaking another window.  She won’t tell her wish but we, the viewers, know she is wishing for George.  As a young girl she had professed her eternal love for George in his deaf ear as he bent over to scoop up an ice cream at the Pharmacy.

         This Sunday, Advent 2, we will read of another young man with a dream.  Matthew tells us that Joseph has done everything to for the marriage to Mary, mother of Jesus, but discovers she is pregnant.  There seems to be a detour on the road to the dream for Joseph.  There will be a detour for George Bailey as he seeks to live a wonderful life.  There is often a detour in our lives as we chase our dreams.  How do we maintain hope when we are discouraged? 

         Mary, takes the next step, goes to college.  George, does not travel the world, but is able to help the poor immigrants that have come into his world as he chooses to take the leadership of his father’s loan business as he is about to hear his father has had a stroke.  Detours to our dreams can be very discouraging.  Perhaps we cannot give that gift we had hoped we could this Christmas.  Perhaps there will be an empty seat at the feast.  Perhaps there is some other detour we did not expect.  Mary clung to her wish despite the detours.  Wishing reveals the love in our heart and a God who also wants to bless us in the midst of our detours.  Let’s keep our eyes on Him!  Blessings as you wish and prepare!

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