Choices: To take the “long shot”

“Long shots” are usually options with not so obvious outcomes, more chancy investments. If we will lock money in the bank for a long period then often we can get a higher interest rates.  I love the scene from “Lion King” where Timon looks out over Simba’s kingdom that Simba is choosing to fight for and says, “Looks like a real fixer-upper to me.”  Often life looks like a fixer-upper project. 

         Abraham in the Matthew genealogy came to a point of decision.  The land could not support the flocks of both nephew Lot and his own.  He gave Lot first choice – the lush valley or the more challenging hills and mountains.  Lot chose the lush valley and the sure gains and Abraham was left with the long shot – the mountains.  Likewise George Bailey has a suitcase in hand that is big enough to put the labels of all the exotic places he hopes to visit.  But as he is settling his father’s affairs, he hears the loan business will only continue if he forfeits his dreams and runs the company.  He must choose.   He can only see a tough road ahead of himself in Bedford Falls but he chooses the loan company, the long shot.

         The genealogy of Matthew gives HOPE as Matthew traces the history of people who trust the long shot.  God’s answer to prayer is not always apparent in our lives. It is almost impossible for us to wait til we are 100 years old for the fulfillment of promise.  Perhaps today you are tired of waiting for God to help you reach the impossible dream.  Christmas reminds us that God works in chaotic times like the Roman census.  God works in unexpected ways like through a baby in a manger.  God works beyond our horizons including wise men from afar and people we don’t even realize are in the picture.  God works in the long shots.  Christmas reminds us that God is working in our lives in unexpected ways.  Waiting is hard but as you make some of the tough choices facing you, may you find HOPE knowing that God is working for your good in the ”long shot.”  Blessings.

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